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Calum Rhys

Based in Midlands & Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Ah the dreaded bio, right... so I'm Calum, an Englishman with a Scottish name, from a primarily Welsh and German family. I was born in Gloucestershire in the grand old year of 1993 and raised in Worcestershire until the age of 18,  when I left home and became an "adopted" Yorkshireman.

At 11 years old, I began making short films with my father's 8mm Sony camcorder and over time began slowly expanding upon this to broaden my knowledge and experience in film. In 2010, I founded production company Smashing UK Productions. Whilst studying a BA Degree in Product Design in York, I shot short films with friends, where I further learned to harness guerrilla filmmaking techniques which I utilised in many of my early films.


Shortly after graduating from university, I went on to make the award-winning short war drama 'OUR FATHER', which premiered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival and went on to receive 14 award nominations and 3 wins during its festival run. After this, I undertook a QCF Level 4 Diploma in Creative Media at TDM Wyre Academy in Birmingham.


My 2020 World War I drama 'DIVIDED WE STAND' has recently started its festival circuit with its world premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Izmir International Film Festival in Turkey, and has since qualified for the 2022 BIFAs.


2021, Semi-Finalist, "Divided We Stand"

Rhode Island International Film Festival

2021, Best Cinematography, "Divided We Stand"

Midlands Movies Awards

2016, Best Film, Best Editing, Best Drama

"Our Father"

Sydney Indie Film Festival

2016, Best British Film, "Our Father"

Portsmouth International Film Festival


2015, Best Student Film, "The Secret Eye"

Los Angeles Film Festival Awards